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Hao Kung Fu Massage Club

Hao Kung Fu’s Features

Newly renovated and quality service

Let customers have a comfortable space

Professional massage techniques

Relax your body and foot

Careful service flow

Let customers feel at home

Service Introduction

Soak your foot with warm water and sea salt

Can eliminate foot horniness and fatigue

At the same time help you relax shoulder and neck

Then dry your foot and prepare for the next service

Foot massage benefits

Promote blood circulation

Strengthening metabolism

Strengthening kidney function

Full Body massage benefits

Promote blood circulation and improve metabolism

Relax muscles and increase joint flexibility

Relieve stress and help sleep

Eliminate toxins and slow down aging

Improves lymphatic circulation and activates skin

After completing all services

We carefully prepared drinks and desserts for you

You can taste in the lounge area

Take a joyous time

If you have the following conditions, you should avoid massage

Heart disease、Diabetes、 Kidney Disease、Thrombosis、Varicose Veins、Pregnancy、Menstruation

Service Price

Service Photos